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Simplex Loco and wagons

16mm Narrow Gauge Products 

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Site sections and what's in them:

Loco parts  – four pages:
Brakeshoes, Bufferbeams and Radiator Grilles and more...

Loco Chassis, gearboxes, gears and motors 
Loco chassis kit, gearboxes, brass and plastic gears and motors.

Coach and wagon body parts, plus Tail Lights 
Coach & wagon axleguards; and brakegear.

Axleguards, brake gear 
Coach & wagon axleguards; and brakegear.

Wheels, axles and bearings 
Loco and rolling stock wheels.
Steel and silver steel axles. Brass bearings.

Speed Controllers 
For battery locos. Types available for 3 volts, 4·5 - 12 volts and 12 volts sealed lead/acid batteries.
These are available as kits, or assembled and tested.
– There is limited availability of these, as they are being discontinued.

Switches, wire and plugs 
Toggle and slide switches.
Single and twin wire, plugs/sockets & connector strips.

Battery boxes 
Battery boxes. Open types for various sizes and number of cells.
Enclosed types with or without switches.

LEDs & holders 
Wide range of LED types in various sizes and colours.
LED holders and lenses.

Plastic parts are 3D printed, usually in ABS,
with the exception of the CA5 loco chassis
which is injection moulded in polystyrene.
A few items include metal parts.