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Leds and Holders


These include a suggested wiring diagram & series resistor (not required for L9).
If a voltage is not specified, resistors suitable for a 12 volt supply will normally be supplied.
Brightness is given in mcd (Manufacturer's data) and lumens (conversion of mcd/view angle), to enable comparison. As a guide, lower values mean the LED will be lit up, like an indicator light, and higher values will actually light up darkness like a torch does. The latter types should be placed where they cannot be looked at directly – i.e. pointing downwards is better. This particularly applies to white LEDs.
NOTE: except for L23, all LEDs have two leads (wires).


L1 5mm Superbright Yellow  LED   90p

– Clear-bodied type. Suitable for use in headlights and signals etc. 1200mcd/0·257 lumens.

L2 5mm Superbright Red  LED   90p

– For tail lights. Clear body, not red when off. 1000mcd/0·214 lumens.

L3 5mm Red/Yellow  LED.  90p

– For head/tail lights on Railcars & diesels. Changes colour according to direction. Cloudy off-white body. Red, yellow: 40, 20mcd/0·015, 0·008 lumens.
N.B. This LED is a two lead type, and requires both supply wire to change polarity, in order for the colour to change. For the three-wire type, see L23

L4  8mm Yellow LED.  90p

– Suitable for coach/building lighting etc., e.g. one for small coaches, three for a medium bogie coach. Gives an 'oil-light' effect. Yellow body. 70mcd/0·041 lumens.

L5 5mm Superbright Yellow LED  90p

– Yellow-bodied type suitable for small coaches and street lights. 400mcd/0·086 lumens.

L6 5mm Very Bright Yellow  LED.  90p

– 3 - 4·5 volts, orangey-yellow for interior lighting. 20,000mcd/1·075 lumens.

The above LEDs will work from two alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries. A series resistor is required (supplied) – using without a resistor will most likely cause the LED to fail, although some LEDs may tolerate being used with two 1·25volt rechargeable cells without a resistor (LEDs with a higher light output). One set of batteries can be used per train & coaches connected using E5 or E27 plug & socket (can be also used to disconnect buildings from fixed wiring, when taken in for the winter).

LEDs L7 - L19 below require at least 4½ volts to work properly.

L7 5mm White  LED  90p

– bright "bluish-white", but lower priced than L10. 12,000mcd/0·645 lumens.

L8  5mm White "Power" LED  £1.40 (Lower price!)

– 5x brighter than L10. 30,000mcd/1·613 lumens.

L9  5mm Flashing Yellow LED  £1.05

– 20mcd/0·017 lumens. (see E12 below for holder)

L10 5mm White LED  £1.50

– 6,000mcd/0·323 lumens.

L11  5mm Flashing Yellow LED  £1.05

– Brighter than L9. If you intend to use L11 on more than 6 volts using NiMH batteries please tell us when ordering.
The limiting resistor usually supplied may cause the LED to light up, but not flash when using NiMH batteries supplying more than 6 volts.

L12  6mm Square Very Bright Yellow LED  £1.05

– 4,000mcd/4·545 lumens. Do NOT look directly at the LED.

L13  6mm Square Very Bright White LED   £1.05

– 3,400mcd/2·862 lumens. Do NOT look directly at the LED.

L14  3mm White LED 90p

– Use in smaller headlights. 1,200mcd/0·329 lumens.

L15  3mm White / Red LED  £1.05

– For Head/Tail Lights. Red, white values: 320, 120mcd/1·005, 0·471 lumens. Do not use without a resistor or the Red will no longer work.

L16  3mm Red LED  75p

– For Head/Tail Lights. This one will work on 3volts. 1,300mcd/0·493 lumens.

L17  8mm White LED  £1.00

– Superbright diffused type. 1,500mcd/0·143 lumens.

L18  8mm Yellow LED  90p

– Orangey-yellow colour. xxxmcd/xxx lumens. (The white LED that was L18, is no longer available.)

L19  5mm Warm White LED  £1.50

– Superbright clear type. This has a yellower light similar to a filament bulb, and looks nice when used for platform lighting. 28000mcd/1·5 lumens.

L20 5mm Flashing Red 90p

– Clear type. 1120mcd/0·240lumens. (see E13 below for holder)

L21 5mm Red LED 80p

– Red bodied clear type. 5volt, no resistor required 320mcd/0·068lumens

L22 5mm Red LED 80p

– Red bodied clear type. 12volt, no resistor required 250mcd/0·054lumens

L23 5mm Red/Yellow LED 80p

– Clear type, with three leads, which will suit some uses. Red 60mcd/yellow 40mcd/red 0.05lumens, yellow 0·034lumens

L24-L26 LEDs below are suitable for colour light signals. They are colourless when they're turned off. 

L24 5mm Red LED 80p

– Clear type. 20000mcd/1.075lumens

L25 5mm Orange LED £1.00

– Clear type. 20000mcd/1.075lumens

L26 5mm Green LED £1.00

– Clear type. 30000mcd/1.61lumens


L27 8mm warm white LED 80p

–"straw hat" shape suitable for coach lighting etc.
Believed to be 10000mcd/0.5lumens



E12  Amber lens/mount  85p

– for L9/L11 LEDs: for "orange" flashing warning light for diesel locos etc. Visible part of lens is 6.3mm dia. x 5mm high, fits into hole through body.

E13  Red lens/mount  85p

– for L2 LED: visible part of lens is 6.3mm dia. x approx. 1mm high, fits into hole through body.

E14  Clear lens/mount   85p

– for L1/L3/L10/L19 LEDs: visible part of lens is 6.3mm dia. x approx. 1mm high, fits into hole through body.

E16  2 LED Mounting Blocks  90p

– for 5mm LEDs: pack of 2 grey plastic blocks approx. 7mm3 with slots for LED leads


None of the items listed on this page is suitable for mains use. Only for use with batteries (max. 12 volts), or a suitable mains adaptor suppling a maximum of 12 volts DC, e.g. as available from Argos etc. Do not use the adaptor in the garden – take only the low voltage lead outside.
Note that the power supplies used on Chistmas lights, both bulb and LED type, may supply AC not DC current, if they have a "multi-function" box between the adaptor and the lighting set. This box may well contain the diodes that rectify AC to DC. Whilst LEDs can be attached to an AC supply, they will flash at 50hz and the voltage may be too high for just a few LEDs.
LEDs: do NOT cut or file LEDs to reduce their size, as this may expose the light-producing part, which could contain hazardous substances.