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Simplex Loco

16mm Narrow Gauge Products 

On this page: locomotive parts

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Parts on this page are 3D printed in ABS (usually dark bluish-grey, or black).



ND1 Radiator Grille    £2.95

Square mesh, suitable for Fowler Peldon loco. 47 x 31mm, approx/ 1·8mm thick.

radiator grille

ND6 Radiator Grille    £2.00

Square mesh. Smaller version of ND1. 31 x 25mm, approx/ 1·8mm thick.


ND9 Loco Brake Shoes – four   £2.30

ND10 Loco Brake Shoes – six   £2.95

ND9/10 are approx. 29mm long, and suitable for 24-32mm wheels.

loco brake shoes

ND11 Ruston bufferbeam – 1 slot    £4.20

Two per pack. Approx. 48mm wide, 7·5mm high

WD11 Ruston buffer beam 

ND12 Ruston bufferbeam – 2 slots    £5.00

Two per pack. Approx. 48mm wide, 11·5mm high

WD12 Ruston buffer beam

ND13 Ruston bufferbeam – 3 slots    £6.00

Two per pack. Approx. 48mm wide, 17·5mm high

WD13 Ruston buffer beam 

ND14 Ruston Bufferbeam, four slots – pair   £7.00

Approx. 52·5mm wide, 28mm high. 

WD13 Ruston buffer beam 

ND11/12/13 can be glued in place, or attached with self-tapping or wood screws from the rear. It is also possible to cut off the printed bolt heads, and replace with suitable bolts to attach the bufferbeam.

ND22 Small loco axlebox – "Roller bearing"   £2.95

Four per pack. Approx. 30mm wide, 14mm high

loco axle box small 

ND23 Large loco axlebox – "Roller bearing"    £3.50

Four per pack. Approx. 37mm wide, 17mm high

loco axle box large 

ND24 Large loco axlebox – "Oil bearing"    £3.50

Four per pack. Approx. 37mm wide, 17mm high

loco axle box oil type 

ND26 Ruston Loco Levers   £2.95

Direction & Brake Levers, plus Throttle. Main levers are approx. 38mm long.

Ruston control levers 

ND27 Ruston Gearbox   £6.00

Approx. 49mm x 25mm, 14mm high. Includes curved seat support. Requires Cambrian NA25 Seat.

Ruston gear box 

ND28 Loco Water Tank Filler – small   £2.00

Round type. Approx. dia 145mm. Pack of two.

Loco tank filler round 

ND29 Loco Water Tank Filler – large   £2.50

Oblong type. Approx. 24mm x 135mm. Pack of two.

Loco tank filler oblong 

ND30 Loco Tank/Tender Steps – large   £2.00

With side "walls". Approx. 17mm x 10mm. Pack of two.

Loco tank steps large 

ND31 Loco Tank/Tender Steps – small   £2.00

With plain steps. Approx. 14mm x 9mm. Pack of two.

Loco tank steps ssmall 

Cab Steps for locos – supplied in pairs

Single steps are approx. 18mm high x 20mm wide. Double types are approx. 30mm high x 21mm wide.
Depth is approx. 9mm on all types. Available with, or without sides to steps.

ND32 Loco Step Single curved   £2.50

ND32 Loco Step Single curved 

ND33 Loco Step Single straight   £2.50

Loco Step Single straight 

ND34 Loco Step Single curved/sides   £2.50

Loco Step Single curved/sides 

ND35 Loco Step Single straight/sides   £2.50

Loco Step Single straight/sides 

ND36 Loco Steps Double curved   £2.95

Loco Steps Double curved 

ND37 Loco Steps Double concave   £2.95

Loco Steps Double concave 

ND38 Loco Steps Double straight   £2.95

Loco Steps Double straight 

ND39 Loco Steps Double curved/sides   £2.95

Loco Steps Double curved/sides 

ND40 Loco Steps Double concave/sides   £2.95

Loco Steps Double concave/sides 

ND41 Loco Steps Double straight/sides   £2.95

Loco Steps Double straight/sides  

ND42 Small Bonnet-mounted Exhaust Pipe £2.95

Approx. 42mm long x 9mm diameter. Supplied as two halves. 

Small exhaust pipe 


ND43 Large Vertical Exhaust Pipe   £3.50

Approx. 102mm x 12·5mm diameter. Supplied as two halves.

Large exhaust pipe 

ND44 O & K Loco Axleguards – four   £2.95

Used on RL1 & RL2 locos. Two large & two small.

O & K Loco Axleguards 


ND45 O & K Axleguards – four   £2.95

Used on S5 locos. Four small.

   O & K Loco Axleguards small 

More 3D printed loco items are on the way.