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Loco/tender Steps

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Parts on this page are 3D printed in ABS (usually dark bluish-grey, or black).

Cab Steps for locos – supplied in pairs

Single steps are approx. 18mm high x 20mm wide. Double types are approx. 30mm high x 21mm wide.
Depth is approx. 9mm on all types. Available with, or without sides to steps.

ND32 Loco Step Single curved   £2.50

ND32 Loco Step Single curved

ND33 Loco Step Single straight   £2.50

Loco Step Single straight

ND34 Loco Step Single curved/sides   £2.50

Loco Step Single curved/sides

ND35 Loco Step Single straight/sides   £2.50

Loco Step Single straight/sides

ND36 Loco Steps Double curved   £2.95

Loco Steps Double curved

ND37 Loco Steps Double concave   £2.95

Loco Steps Double concave

ND38 Loco Steps Double straight   £2.95

Loco Steps Double straight

ND39 Loco Steps Double curved/sides   £2.95

Loco Steps Double curved/sides

ND40 Loco Steps Double concave/sides   £2.95

Loco Steps Double concave/sides

ND41 Loco Steps Double straight/sides   £2.95

Loco Steps Double straight/sides

Loco parts – 1 <  Loco parts – 2 <  Loco parts – 3 > Loco parts – 4    

More 3D printed loco items are on the way.