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On this page: Loco chassis, motors, gearboxes and gears



0-6-0/0-4-0 Chassis £10.40

loco chassis



loco chassis drawing



The chassis consists of two plastic sideframes and three metal spacers, motor mounting plate, two movable pieces for body fixing. The motor (not supplied) can be fitted in one of 3 positions (1 vertical, 2 angled). Motors CA2, CA15 & CA17 below are suitable. The non-powered axle positions provide a choice of wheelbases, suitable for a variety of common steam & diesel prototypes. It is suggested that a "cosmetic" plasticard overlay of the shape and length suitable for the chosen prototype, is added to the sides of the chassis behind the wheels. Includes six x 1/8" brass bearings; requires motor / wheels / gears to complete.
The plastic sideframes are 139mm long x 20mm deep. The chassis is 25·5mm wide over the frames.
2mm axle bearings can supplied instead of 1/8" ones, if requested when ordering.


        Motor and gearbox

These are 3D printed in ABS (colour may vary), and include CA1 or CA3 gears (details under GEARS below), two 1/8" brass bearings, 2 motor fixing screws and CA2 Large or CA17 Medium motor (details under MOTORS below). The gearbox dimensions are: 22·5mm wide, 25mm high and 15mm front to back. Ribs in the box locate the gear under the worm. There are "blind" holes in the back & base for mounting screws (not supplied).
The "axle" shown in the picture is not included.
** Higher postage rate applies to CD1 – CD8 gearboxes. **

CD1 Large Motor, 30:1 Gears     £19.30

CD2 Large Motor, 40:1 Gears     £19.30

CD3 Medium Motor, 30:1 Gears  £17.50

CD4 Medium Motor, 40:1 Gears  £17.50

CD6 & CD8 include CA21 gears for 2mm axles (details under GEARS below)

CD6 Large Motor, 40:1 Gears     £18.70

CD8 Medium Motor, 40:1 Gears  £16.40

CD13 Gearbox only, narrow type     £8.70

As CD1, but narrower. 21·5 wide x 17 x 33·4mm long.

CD14 For 42:1 plastic gears     £10.40

As CD1, but larger to suit the gears. 17 wide x 27·1 x 14·8mm.


3 gearboxes



A replacement for the one supplied with the IP Engineering Chassis. 17·5 x 15 x 37·5mm high, except CD12, which is 33·5mm high. It fits between the bosses on IP wheels.
Includes 2 brass bearings for 1/8" axles & motor (CA24) fixing screws. CD10/11 fixing lugs can be attached to the chassis cross-member. For suitable motor and gears, see CA24, CA25 & CA26 below.


CD9 Side fixing lugs      £8.70

CD10 Single end fixing lug  £8.70

CD11 Twin end fixing lugs  £8.70

The lugs are "outside" the gearbox width on CD11.

CD12 Side fixing lugs     £8.70

As CD9, but with extended lugs to enable use of the IP gearbox horizontal fixing rod.


CD15 Side fixing lugs     £8.70

For 20:1 gears. Can be supplied with 2mm or 1/8" bearings for CA4 or CA8 gears. 17·7 x 16 x 31mm,

CD16 Twin End Lugs     £8.70

Short version of CD11, allows motor to be horizontal under footplate. 27·5 (over lugs) x 16mm x 27·5mm.



When choosing gears, the track speed of the loco will depend on the motor speed
– which will be affected by the voltage supplied and the weight of the loco/train;
and the size of the wheels – smaller wheels = lower speed, but more "power"; larger wheels = higher speed, less power.
Of the types we stock, 40:1 gears will give the greatest reduction in rotation of the axles, and therefore more suited to larger wheel sizes.
16:1 or 20:1 could be used on locos with small wheels, e.g. "bow-framed" Simplex.

CA1 40:1 Gears (Metal) £9.20

  Steel worm for 2mm motor shaft, brass gear for 1/8" axle.

CA3 30:1 Gears (Metal) £9.20

  Steel worm for 2mm motor shaft, brass gear for 1/8" axle.

CA4 20:1 Gears (Metal) £9.20

  Steel worm for 2mm motor shaft, brass gear for 2mm axle.

CA8 20:1 Gears (Metal) £9.20 (Only one in stock)

  Steel worm for 2mm motor shaft, brass gear for 1/8" axle.

CA8 is similar to CA4,
but with larger axle hole.

CA21, CA25 & CA26 are similar to CA1/CA3,
but with differing axle/motor shaft holes.

CA21 40:1 Gears (Metal) £8.60

  Steel worm for 2mm motor shaft, brass gear for 2mm axle.

CA25 30:1 Gears (Metal) £10.20

  Steel worm for 2·3mm motor shaft, brass gear for 1/8" axle.

CA26 40:1 Gears (Metal) £10.20

  Steel worm for 2·3mm motor shaft, brass gear for 1/8" axle.

CA9   16:1 Gears (Plastic) £1.00

Two worms and two gears. 2mm bore motor shaft and axle.

CA9 16:1 Gears

CA16 42:1 Gears £1.00

Two worms and two gears. 2mm bore motor shaft and axle. Worms as CA9 picture.

CA16 42:1 Gears


The plastic gears can be carefully drilled out for 1/8" axles, preferably using a pillar drill or lathe, and turning the chuck by hand – or a very slow motor speed. We do not recommended attempting to enlarge the bore of the brass gears, or steel worms.




The motors listed below (except CA24) can all be run on 1½ volts to 4½ volts,
although above 3 volts they will probably run too fast for the usual speed of narrow gauge locomotives.
L = length over body, excluding the boss round the shaft.
D = diameter over body.
W = width across flat part (CA18).
** Higher postage rate applies to all motors, except CA18 **

CA2 "Large" Motor, 2mm shaft £3.50

12mm x 2mm shaft, L 30·5mm, D 24·1mm
The price of these has had to be increased, as our previous supplier for many years, has stopped stocking them, and ones from an alternative source are more expensive.


CA15 Smaller Round Motor, 2mm shaft £1.50

10mm x 2mm shaft, L 25mm, D 21mm
Smaller diameter – so could be fitted horizontally between the frames in our chassis kit.
  CA15 Motor

CA17 "Medium" size 3volt Motor, 2mm shaft £1.50

8·6mm x 2mm shaft, L 26·9mm, D 23·8mm

CA18 Small flat-sided Motor, 2mm shaft £1.30

9·4mm x 2mm shaft, L 25mm, D 20mm, W 15·1mm

CA24 "385" type Motor £5.50

9-12 volt, L 38mm, D 27·5mm. 2·3mm shaft.

 ca24 Motor