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On this page: scenic items

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Parts on this page are 3D printed in ABS (usually dark bluish-grey, or black).

Picket Gate with posts

SD1 "Picket" Gate and Posts   £5.00

The gate is 58mm high, 62mm wide over attached posts. 
Usually printed in white ABS, or dark grey on request.

Wooden wheelbarrow

SD2 Garden Wheelbarrow kit   £5.50

"Wood" body style. 79mm long, 37mm wide, 34mm high.
*** Note: the usual kit parts are too tall for the lower postage rate (Large Letter).
If your order is less than £15.00, the wheelbarrow body can be supplied printed in two pieces as a "top" & "bottom", for you to glue together.
This will require some sanding or filing after glueing.
The join may still show when painted, but these barrow bodies were likely made of more than one piece of wood on each side, so this shouldn't matter.
Please specify when ordering, otherwise the one-piece body will be supplied, and the higher postage rate will apply. ***

The cartwheels below, do not include axles – 2mm diameter axles are required, although the holes in the wheels could be carefully opened out for larger sizes (up to 3·2mm.
N.B. The wheels are supplied in two parts, as they are printed as a "front" and "back", in order to make the wheel "dished", as per the full-size ones.

Large thin rim cartwheel

SD3 Large "Thin rim" Cartwheel   £5.00

Two wheels for lighter-load carts. 48mm diameter (3 feet).


SD4 Small "Thin rim" Cartwheel   £3.90

Two wheels for lighter-load carts. 36mm diameter (2' 3").

Large thick rim cartwheel

SD5 Large "Thick rim" Cartwheel   £5.00

Two wheels for heavier-load carts. 48mm diameter.

Small thick rim cartwheel

SD6 Small "Thick rim" Cartwheel   £3.90

Two wheels for heavier-load carts. 36mm diameter.

Wooden four wheel platform trolley

SD7 Platform Luggage Trolley Kit   £10.40

Wooden-style platform trolley used for luggage, milk churns etc.
The platform is approx. 88 x 60mm.

Two metal-style buckets

SD8 Two "Metal" Buckets   £3.90

Includes pre-formed brass wire handles. 17mm diameter, 16mm high.

Three firebuckets on a rack

SD9 Fire Buckets and Brackets Kit   £7.70

Three "metal" buckets with pre-formed brass wire handles (size as SD8). Includes brackets and grooved mounting board – 48 x 12 x 2mm.

Trackside Whistle Sign

SD10 "Whistle" Trackside Signs   £3.90

Pack of two signs. Unpainted. Requires a suitable post, 60mm x 16mm.

Brackets for Junction Signals

ND46 Brackets for Junction Signals – pair   £3.50

Handed, for "offset" signals, used back to back to support platform and second arm.
Approx. 69mm long x 20mm high at main post end.