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Simplex Loco and wagons

Speed Controllers for Battery Locomotives

These are now available again assembled and tested.


All kits include assembly instructions and wiring diagram. Assembled controllers include a wiring diagram. Types 1 and 2 have PP3 type battery connectors; the others have plain-ended wirs to connect to the battery, or On/Off switch.
The controllers do not include switches. An On/Off switch or some other way of disconnecting the battery is required before the controller.
To provide forward and reverse, a two way switch, with or without "centre off" is required. The "centre off" position of the switch is not a substitute for a switch before the controller.
N.B. The controllers are not designed to actually stop the motor at the minimum setting.


3v Controller

For 3 volt motors. Size 35mm x 25mm x 18mm approx. when assembled, as above picture.

T1K kit: £7.70   T1A assembled: £13.80


An assembled Type 3 is illustrated below, Types 2, 4 and 5 are similar. Size 40mm x 35mm x 22mm approx.

12v Controller


For 4·5 - 12 volt motors, max current 1200ma (such as supplied by "domestic" rechargeable C cells).

T2K kit: £8.50   T2A assembled: £15.55


For 12 volt "gel" cells (e.g. Yuasa). Max current 1200ma.

T3K kit: £9.40   T3A assembled: £15.55


For 12 volt "gel" cells (e.g. Yuasa). Max. current 3A.

T4K kit: £10.35   T4A assembled: £17.10


For 4·5 - 12 volt motors, max current 3A. For rechargeable batteries, as Type 2,
but with plain wire battery leads.

T5K kit: £10.35   T5A assembled: £17.10


See Switches page for connectors, wire and switches.