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European Tour 2009

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Scotland 2008

After 2008's expedition to the north-western fringes of Europe by car (to Ullapool)/ ferry (to Stornoway)/ bike (round Stornoway/ bus (to Leverburgh, Harris) / train (Muir of Ord to Wick), and also by bus from Wick to John 'o Groats; it was decided to go somewhere warmer in 2009. Here's 3 pictures from 2008:

Europe 2009

2009's holiday started with a taxi to Kings Lynn, then train to King's Cross for Eurostar at St. Pancras. Funnily enough this was the one place on the journey where it seemed that photography might be thought to have a sinister motive! So here's two I made earlier (while "they" were making HS1):

Onto to Brussels, then Thalys to Köln through various line improvements with "contraflows", but the delays were included in the timetable.

From here there was a sleeper train to Milan via Frankfurt, Basel and through Switzerland (but it was dark). The sleeper trains follow the Rhine as dusk turns to night (early morning pictures later).
The train arrived in Milan in the charge of a locomotive best described as a "rust-bucket" (were it a ship), but the station was very impressive (outside less so). Then Eurostar Italia to Venice. Usefully, after the on-board announcement of stations called at in Italian by a very fast talking Italian lady, it was repeated in English. Well, the bit about this train will call at was repeated, before switching back to the Italian lady, who repeated the list of stations and talked just as fast.

As could be expected, Venice was very nice – the Grand Canal by night:

We left by sea the next day, passing the Grand Canal and St. Mark's Square, partly obscured by smoke from the ship's funnel.
(Stardate 4.6.2012)…more to come, one day, but no breath-holding…