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Some of the Belgian Metre Gauge (HOm) SNCV kits that were produced by Cambrian Models for Jocadis

Belgium had an extensive system of metre gauge lines, on which it was possible to travel from the coast to the southern border. This system known as SNCV, or "Vicinal" has now largely gone, with the exception of some urban lines, and the coastal line which extends most of the way from the border with France to the Dutch border.Modelling these lines was made easier by the range of HOm kits sold by Jocadis in Enghien.In June 2013, Jocadis ceased trading, following the death of André Witmeur in February 2013, and an apparently unsuccessful attempt by two of his sons to keep the shop open.

The moulds for the SNCV kits and the SNCB "lineside" items were bought by Jean-Michel Vanderborght who ran a business called Saroulmapoul, and they were available from them for some years.
Unfortunately, Jean-Michel (Jeanmi to his friends) died in January 2018, from complications (I assume) following a liver transplant to combat a rare disease.
The single remaining page of the Saroulmapoule website, says that the business has closed following his death, and if a buyer is found, a link will be posted. As of June 2020, it seems that no buyer has yet been found.

SNCV Fourgon

SNCV FOURGON - guard's van with sliding door access for carrying goods

SNCV Coaches

SNCV Coaches and Fourgon, 2e, 1e/2e and a shorter platform 2e type. These are more suitable for the SNCV "steam era".

SNCV Autorail & Wagons

SNCV Autorail - diesel railcar for rural lines, that also hauled goods trains, such as those carrying sugarbeet (betteraves). These were carried in wagons of the type below right, often with a Fourgon brake van. There was also a 7 plank version of these (not made as a kit).

SNCV van SNCV open wagon SNCV bolster wagon

SNCV Van – some of these (not made as kits) had a platform for a guard at one end; open wagon (Tombereau) with rather precarious seat for the guard and brake handle; bolster wagon, usually used in pairs – also made as a flat wagon without the bolster.


SNCV "S" electric tram; also available as So (coastal tram: doors one side only) and N (Trolley pole)


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