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On this page:
Exhaust pipes, O & K Axleguards, and Coupling/Connecting Rods

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Parts on this page are 3D printed in ABS (usually dark bluish-grey, or black).

ND42 Small Bonnet-mounted Exhaust Pipe £2.95

Approx. 42mm long x 9mm diameter. Supplied as two halves. 

Small exhaust pipe

ND43 Large Vertical Exhaust Pipe   £3.50

Approx. 102mm x 12·5mm diameter. Supplied as two halves.

      Large exhaust pipe

ND44 O & K Loco Axleguards – four   £2.95

Used on RL1 & RL2 locos. Two large & two small.

O & K Loco Axleguards

ND45 O & K Axleguards – four   £2.95

Used on S5 locos. Four small.

   O & K Loco Axleguards small

Coupling/Connecting rods for 0-4-0 locos

Printed to suit your loco wheelbase, up to 100mm long (axle centres).
With stainless steel hex-head bolts: coupling rods have four bolts, connecting rods have two bolts.
Includes plastic bushes to protect the rods from the bolt threads.

Loco Coupling Rods

ND47 Coupling rods plain – pair   £4.20

ND48 Connecting rods plain – pair   £3.50

ND49 Coupling rods fluted – pair   £4.20

Please state the hole spacing required when ordering these items.

Loco parts – 1 <  Loco parts – 2 < Loco parts – 3 < Loco parts – 4    

More 3D printed loco items are on the way.